Vertical Type Cartoning Machine

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This machine is a fully automatic vertical type opening up cartoning machine, which is applicable for coffee capsules, wash powder, chocolate, pet food, penicillin bottle, perfume bottle, etc.

This cartoning machine is able to encase irregular bulk items that horizontal cartoning machine can not do.
Combined with the world advanced technology and our company’s powerful design team, this machine has obtained many design patents. And it is favored by domestic and foreign companies.

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Technical Details

Capacity 30-60 cartons/minute
Carton size L(50-250)mm×W(20-150)mm×H(15-100)mm
(Special specifications can be customized)
Paper quality of carton 250-350g/m³
Power 3 phase 220/380v 50/60hz 1.5kw
Air supply ≥0.6 Mpa
Weight 800kg
Overall Dimension 2300mm×800×1900mm


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